Monday, 11 April 2016

I Am a Superhero Learner

In Quest 1.3 we explored how we as individuals learn and what it means to be a superhero learner

I am a superhero learner.

I am a superhero learner.  I learn best when my teachers are engaged in what they are talking about and when I am in a positive environment. I get very engaged in my learning and it is important to me that my teacher and peers are supporting me while I explore new topics.

I am a superhero learner. I am mostly an auditory learner but also benefit from visual aids. I always ask lots of questions and make sure I am very involved in my learning environment.

I am a superhero learner.  I do not learn well from reading from the textbook and answering questions in my work book.  I do not want to regurgitate information I want to understand it. I also do not learn well from negative teachers.  If teachers are constantly focussing on my faults and not trying to see the positives I bring to the classroom I cannot feel comfortable in the work environment and therefore I cannot learn.

I am a superhero learner.  If the circumstances do not match my learning style I go to get help somewhere where I can learn the information in a way that works for me.  I am often in the resource center at my school and go to my teacher all the time for extra help.

I am a superhero learner.  If I could tell my younger self something to help  them learn better I would say don’t worry about being the best.  Go at your own pace and learn things in your own way. Don’t worry about everyone else just worry about yourself. You are a great learner just the way you re just keep working hard! :)

I am a superhero learner.  I want to learn more about working with children and how to be a better leader.  I want to make a difference in the lives of others. The more resources and skills I have to do that the closer I am to succeeding.

I am a superhero learner and in order to make myself a better learner I need work on being more decisive so that I can make choices in my learning environment easily without stress.

I am a superhero learner.  I  use my digital literacy skills to always make my presentations interesting and entertaining.  I use programs like Powtoon and Prezi to make sure that I am making a presentation that represents the effort I put into it and helps get make message across to the class.

I am a superhero learner and if I am passionate about something I will speak up and I will do something about it.  If I feel strongly about a topic we are talking about in class I do not hesitate to raise my hand and share my opinion. If I love doing something I will make an effort to make sure I get the opportunity to do it.  I give 100% to everything I do and if there is a problem I make sure it gets solved and that everything works out well.  I invest a lot of myself into what I'm doing and I always want it to be the best that it can be.

I am a superhero learner. I am passionate about drama education in elementary schools, children's theatre, drama, teaching, and helping young people feel confident in themselves.  I want to help others be successful and any opportunity I have to better the lives of those arounds me fills me with joy.

I am a superhero learner.  I am lucky to be at a school where I get to study Drama everyday.  I learn more and more about Drama each day of high school and through this program I get to reach out to elementary schools in my area and help bring drama to those communities as well.  

I am a superhero learner.  If I could build a learning environment perfect for what I want I would make a big open space with lots of pillows.  Instead of sitting in desks for class we would sit in a circle on the ground so the everyone would be more connected. There would be lots of windows so we would have lots of natural light and everyone would get a small work station that they could personalize however they want. I would want it to be a  happy positive work environment where everyone is excited to come to class each day.

I am a superhero learner and I love to learn :)



  1. I really like your post, it is really touching . Just so you know I too have struggled with really worrying what other people think . Maybe if we keep telling are selves that we can achieve, I think we could go really far in life :)

    1. So True! If you are giving yourself positive encouragement and you believe in yourself you can do anything you set your mind too. Its also important to surround yourself with people who will give you positive energy and encourage you because they will help you stay positive as well :) Thanks for sharing with me :)

  2. I really agree with what you wrote here. It's quite lengthy, to be honest, but it's really well done and also probably not as long as what I wrote in my last post, haha. Great job.

  3. I love that you chose to share your learning style in a poem. It not only tells your story, but showcases your creativity. Keep up the incredible work! I believe in you!